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By July 5, 2018July 9th, 2018Community

Virginia Commonwealth Corporation is constantly looking for ways to enhance the agency operations to better serve our clients. We became one of the first Virginia members of the Keystone Insurance Group which provides us with excellent client claims reviews, exposure analysis, and broader markets to cover the exposures you have.

Keystone brings together agent members in Virginia and nationally to discuss issues we face, new exposures our clients  face and how to best handle those.

In June some of our staff attended one of these meetings where Jennifer Webb, counsel, Federal Government Affairs for the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America brought us up to on tax reform and the impact we and our clients might face.

One of our Keystone members was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. This young agent is a good friend of our own Jason Priest.  Jason contacted Keystone and suggested raising money for The Massey Cancer Center in his behalf. Jason offered to cut his hair to donate to “Locks of Love” as a means of securing donations. His hair had to be 12” long in order to be able to use it. Over $1000 has been raised. The big day for the shaving of his head is 7/23/18 at the Independent Insurance Agents office.

Congratulations and thanks Jason for your contribution and effort.